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Some of the unfortunate inhabitants of Reading gaol in the late nineteenth century.
Anne-Marie Ford
26 July 2014
The children and grandchildren of Bartholomew Boswell, born about 1760, who married Barrington Buckland’s sister Colly in 1779 and her sister Mary in 1798.
Eric Trudgill
6 June 2016
The family of Bazaina Smith, Gypsy.
Anne-Marie Ford
2 September 2018
The Stanley tribe and the law.
Anne-Marie Ford
4 September 2012
The life and times of the notorious James Clase.
Anne-Marie Ford
2 September 2017
Children of ten major eighteenth century Boswell patriarchs.
Eric Trudgill
1 January 2018
Exploring the family connections between Broadways, Stanleys and Coopers.
Anne-Marie Ford
3 January 2015
The Palmer family – earning their livelihood as broom-makers.
Anne-Marie Ford
3 May 2015
Ten Major 18th Century Buckland (Buckley) Families
Eric Trudgill
2 February 2018