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The descendants of a famous Buckland baptised in 1817, traced through three generations.
Eric Trudgill
6 July 2014
A much-married member of the Stanley tribe, settled in Wareham, Dorset.
Anne-Marie Ford
3 October 2015
Unions of Ayres and Stanleys
Anne-Marie Ford
5 January 2014
More about the Isaacs family.
Anne-Marie Ford
2 October 2016
The family of Merrick Lock
Eric Trudgill
6 January 2012
Meshach Wills/Wells and his sojourns in Dorset.
Anne-Marie Ford
5 March 2016
The family of Miller Heron
Eric Trudgill
2 April 2012
Story written by an unknown American and found in the library of R.A. Scott Macfie.
Anne-Marie Ford
4 February 2017