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Edward Orchard.

Eric Trudgill    -    5 October 2014

Edward Orchard was baptised in Baydon, Wilts in 1798 son of John and Ann (see my article in August 2014); he married Christiana Hunt daughter of William and Mary in Shipton under Wychwood, Oxf in 1819; and he died in Culmstock, Dev in 1888, having had eleven mostly prolific children (William, Joseph, James, Rebecca, Ann, Job, Nanny, Thomas, John, Henry and Edwin).

William Orchard, baptised in Garsington, Oxf in 1820, married Caroline Scarrett daughter of William and Margaret in Shipton under Wychwood in 1843, and had the following children: Sophia born about 1844; James christened in Nettlecombe, Som in1848, Susan and Joseph in Stogumber, Som in 1850 and 1852 (with William both times recorded as a brush maker of Baydon, Wilts), and Christiana in Giles in the Wood, Dev in 1854; Thomas born in Tavistock, Dev about 1856, Caroline in Tiverton, Dev about 1858, and Henry (the informant on his father’s death certificate)in Devon probably about 1860. Of these Sophia married in 1866 Thomas Penfold son of John and Harriet, and had four children (Christiana, Edward, Sophia and Eliza) who married Orchards descended from Edward senior; James married in 1871 Britannia Crocker daughter of Benjamin and Mary Ann, and had four children (Benjamin, Susan, Thomas and Sophia) who married close Orchard relatives; Susan married in 1875 Edward Sanders son of George and Mary, and had two children (Mike and Britannia) who married close Orchard relatives; Joseph married in 1875 Peggy Smith (his cousin through their Scarrett mothers); and in 1879 Christiana, Thomas, Caroline and Henry all married cousins, Henry, Susan, William and Sophia Orchard.

Joseph Orchard, baptised in Kempsford, Glos in 1823, married Susan Scarrett daughter of William and Margaret in Shipton under Wychwood in 1842 (the year before his brother married her sister there), and had the following children: Edwin christened in Munsley, Hef in 1843; Defiance born in Bradninch, Dev in 1845 (hawker); William born in Devon about 1848; Job christened in Halse, Som in 1851; and maybe Defiance born in Somerset about 1853. Of these Edwin married in 1871 Elizabeth Penfold sister-in-law of Sophia Orchard (daughter of William and Caroline); and William married in 1874 Priscilla Penfold, Elizabeth’s cousin.

James Orchard, baptised in Lt Barrington, Glos in 1825, married Sarah Mills daughter of Cornelius and Cinderella in Taunton RD in 1850, and had the following children: Susan born in Tiverton about 1851, Henry christened in Huntsham, Dev in 1855, and Sophia born in Winkleigh, Dev about 1857, who all married children of William and Caroline Orchard in 1879; and Joseph and Louisa, born in Devon about 1862 and 1864, who married Eliza and John Cooper, children of Uriah and Selina, jointly in Bolventor, Cornwall in 1897.

Rebecca Orchard, born in Glos about 1827, married Joseph Holland (basket maker son of Thomas knife grinder) in Luppitt, Dev in 1845, and had the following Holland children: Mary Ann born about 1845; John, Thomas and probably Joseph born in Devon about 1847-51; Henry christened in Willand, Dev in 1853, Rachel in Tuckingmill, Cornwall in 1855, Martha in Culmstock, Dev in 1858, and James and Sally together in Withycombe, Som in 1862; Laura born in Dunster, Som in 1864; Faithful (female) christened in Crowcombe, Som in 1866; and William born in Devon about 1871. Of these Thomas Holland married in 1870 Britannia Hughes daughter of Joseph, and had a James who in 1895 married Caroline Orchard daughter of Thomas (probably the son of Edward and Christiana); Rachel Holland married in 1875 Edward Penfold brother-in-law of Sophia Orchard, daughter of William and Caroline; and William Holland married in 1895 Athaliah Hughes daughter of Charles.

Ann Orchard, baptised in Mildenhall, Wilts in 1828 vagrant of Baydon, presumably died very young.

Job Orchard, baptised in Witney, Oxf in 1829, married his sister-in-law, Mary Ann Mills daughter of Cornelius and Cinderella in Luppitt in 1850, and had the following children: Ann christened in Elsworthy, Som in 1851; Matilda born in Somerset about 1853 and William about 1859; Edwin born in Devon about 1861,Amelia in1864 and John and Henry about 1866-68; the short-lived Israel Ambrose christened in Lanreath, Cornwall in 1870, and Sophia in Laneast, Cornwall in 1874. Of these William, as stated earlier, married in 1879 Caroline Orchard daughter of William and Caroline.

Nanny Orchard, baptised in Hullavington, Wilts in 1832 (the Ann aged 28 in the 1861 census), married (as Ann) a gorjer, George Hopper son of Henry, in Culmstock in 1863.

Thomas Orchard, baptised in Hailey, Oxf in 1834, married Charlotte Hughes daughter of James and Mary in Luppitt in 1856, and had the following children: probably the short-lived Mary Ann born in Wellington RD in 1879; Anne born in Culmstock about 1862; John christened in Trull, Som in 1865, who married a Sarah in Tiverton RD in 1896; Fiance born in Dalwood, Dev in 1868; Edwin born in Wellington RD in 1871, who died in 1879; and presumably the Caroline (otherwise Ann, Lena or Angelina) born about 1874, who in 1895 married (daughter of Thomas Orchard hawker) James Holland grandson of Rebecca Orchard.

John Orchard, baptised in Shipton Moyne, Glos in 1836, married Sarah Jane James in Offwell, Dev in 1856, and had the following children: Henry christened in Chaffcombe, Som in 1856; Mary Ann, who was baptised and died in Culmstock RD in 1859; Harriet born in Wellington RD in 1860; Joseph christened in Uffculme, Dev in 1863; Thomas christened in Stockland, Som in 1865; and William born in Devon about 1868. Of these Henry married in 1881 Priscilla Penfold daughter of Robert, and had a Mary Ann who married in 1899 Edward Penfold son of Thomas & Sophia (Sophia being William and Caroline Orchard’s daughter); Joseph married in 1882 Susan Muston, and had a Sarah who married Alfred Penfold, nephew of Thomas and Sophia, and a William who married Eliza Penfold, daughter of Thomas and Sophia; and John’s William, I think, recorded as son of James, married in 1898 Christiana Penfold, another child of Thomas and Sophia.

Henry Orchard, baptised in Brokenborough, Wilts in 1838, married Charlotte Ward in Southleigh, Dev in 1860, and had the following children: Alfred and Albert born in Offwell in about 1862 and 1864; and Walter, Oliver and Hubert Courtney born in Culmstock about 1866, 1871 and 1879. Of these Alfred and Albert joined the London Metropolitan Police, Walter and Oliver went to Australia, and Herbert Courtney became a Methodist minister in Walsall, Staffs.

Finally, Edwin Orchard, baptised in Pitminster, Som in 1843, married Sophia Hughes daughter of Robert in Culmstock in 1866, and had the following children: Defiance and Patience, born in Wellington RD in 1867 and 1868; and Joseph born in Dev about 1870. Of these Joseph married in 1890 Martha Roberts daughter of Frederick and Rebecca, and as a widower in 1907 Sophia Penfold, yet another child of Sophia Orchard.

I’ve highlighted in this article the marriages I know about between Edward and Christiana Orchard’s descendants and their close Orchard, and to a lesser extent Penfold, relatives; I’m sure there are many more. And I’m sure there are still more marriages to be found between these descendants and members of other Orchard-related non-Orchard families.

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