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Isaac Lamb

Eric Trudgill    -    6 April 2015

Isaac Lamb claimed heíd been born in Greenwich, Kent about 1808; he married Elizabeth Earley in Hartley Wintney, Hants in 1830, and he was buried in Botleys and Lyne, Surrey (in the Chertsey Registration District) in 1872, aged 65. He and Elizabeth christened the following children: Isaac junior in Stratfield Saye, Hants in 1830, who died in 1923 ďaged 105Ē; George in Fawley, Hants in 1832; Henry in Sunbury, Mdx in 1835; Mary Ann in Whiteparish, Wilts in 1837; Matthias in Landford, Wilts in 1840; Jane Etty in Crondall, Hants in 1842; James in Farnham, Surrey in 1845; William in Longcross, Surrey in 1849; and Emma in Farnham in 1851. Isaac and his family were seen mainly in Hampshire until the mid-1860s, when for about twenty years they showed a preference for the Chertsey area in Surrey, but then, partly because of marriages into South Coast families, they were again seen mainly in Hampshire. Of their children Isaac junior, George, Matthias and James were reasonably prolific, Henry perhaps and Jane less so, and I know nothing about any offspring of the other three. Isaac Lamb junior married Margaret Rawlings, daughter of William, in Hale, Surrey in 1852, and had the following children: his own Isaac, born in Middlesex about 1853; John born in Whiteparish about 1855; George and William christened in Farnham in 1857 and 1860, with James christened between them in Virginia Water, Surrey in 1859; Cain, born in Hants about 1862; twins Abel and Seth christened in Eversley, Hants in1864, Emily in Addlestone, Surrey in 1866; Esther in Rotherwick, Hants in 1868; and Elizabeth, Albert, Alice and Benjamin allegedly born in Hartley Wintney between about 1870 and 1877. Of Isaac juniorís children only George seems to have had much of a family: he married an Ellen born in Hartley Row, Hants, and had, seemingly born there between about 1884 and 1900, an Alice, Rachel, Frederick George, Annie, and William James, plus an Albert John christened in Heckfield, Hants in 1889, and an Arthur and Isaac christened in Dogmersfield, Hants in 1890 and1891 respectively. Cain married an Eliza and had an Alice. Abel married Emma Digweed, and had a Nellie, Fanny Louisa and Annie about 1891-98. Esther, married a Samuel Stapps in the Eton, Bucks area in 1888, and seems to have had only one child, a Doris born about 1902. Isaac was long married to a widow, Lydia Croxford (formalizing their union in 1909), but didnít add to the children sheíd had by her first husband. Alice married Arthur Gower in 1897, and Seth married Charlotte Muffett in 1914, but neither appears to have had children. George Lamb, the first Isaacís second son, married first an Irish girl, Bridget Cullen, in Chertseyís Roman Catholic Chapel in 1868. They had a Mary Ann and an Edward born about 1869 and 1871, a George junior born in 1873, an Isaac born about 1875, and a Bridget christened in Addlestone in 1878. Bridget senior was buried in Chobham Trinity, Surrey in 1881, and in Chobham St Lawrence in 1884 George married Mary Ann Jeffs (recorded as Olive), daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth. They had an Emily, born in Chobham about 1884, and then an Elizabeth, Alice and Rose christened in Bransgore, West Hampshire 1886- 93. Of Georgeís children George junior married first Mary Ann Sherwood/Doe in Boldre, West Hantsin 1891, who christened, also in 1891, an Alice in Boldre and an Albert in Binsted (who married Emily Richenda Gregory in 1912); an Amy in Thorney Hill, Hants in 1893, who married Joseph Loveridge; and an unnamed child in Addlestone (returning to the Chertsey area) in 1895. In 1901 Mary Ann died, and in 1905 in West Hampshire George married his second wife, Susan Pearce daughter of William. He and Susan had a shortlived Bridget, a George and an Edward, all christened in Bransgore in 1906-09, and several more children in the ensuing years. George juniorís brother, Isaac, married his cousin, Elizabeth Jeffs, in Boldre in 1895, a daughter of Matthew and Phoebe, and they had 1895-1913 a George, Edward, Adam and Alice, all christened in Bransgore, plus a Maria, Emily, Isaac, Mary/Nancy and Nellie. George juniorís half-sister, Alice, had an Albert about 1909 by an unknown husband. Henry Lamb, the first Isaacís third son, seems to have married a Sarah, and had a Mary christened in Farnham in 1858 (tinman). Matthias (sometimes Matthew) Lamb, the first Isaacís fourth son, married a Jane, and had a Bertie, Caroline and Elizabeth, born in the Chertsey area between about 1873 and 1887. He might be thought the father of the Ben Lamb christened in Addlestone in 1866 son of Jane, single woman, the week before Matthiasí older brother, Isaac, christened a child there. But the fact Benís father wasnít named on either his birth- or his marriage-certificate, surely indicates Benís mother was Matthiasí sister, Jane Etty. Jane (Etty) Lamb by an unknown partner or partners had, besides Ben christened in Addlestone in 1866, Emily Lamb christened there in 1869, Britannia Lamb christened in Farnham in 1874 (daughter of a single woman of Chertsey), who died in the Chertsey area in 1894 aged 19, and Elizabeth Lamb christened in Addlestone in 1887 (daughter of a single woman in Chertsey Workhouse). Jane Lamb was buried in Chertsey in 1889 aged 45;Ben in 1890 married Frances Mary Ward in Botleys and Lyne, christening a number of children there and in Chertsey, and Emily had about four children by Eli White and at least seven by Alfred Bowers. Finally James Lamb, the first Isaacís fifth son, belatedly married Mary Ann Lynch in Chertsey in 1887. They had the following children: Ellen born about 1870, who married Henry Green; Henry christened in E Worldham, Hants in 1872, who belatedly married in 1912 Britannia White daughter of Thomas; Job John christened in Addlestone in 1876, who married in 1895 Selina Jeff daughter of Matthew and Phoebe; Rosina, James Walter and Mary Ann Caroline christened in Binsted, Hants in 1878, 1883 and 1885;and Bridget, Elizabeth and George Isaac birth-registered in the Chertsey RD in 1881, 1887 and 1890. Of Jamesí children Ellen had a Henry Green junior about 1889; Henry had a Georgina born about 1899, and a Rosie born about 1907; Job had between about 1894 and 1909 a James, Alice, Henry, Job junior, Emily, Rosie and William; and Elizabeth had a Florence, christened in Colebury, Hants in 1905 daughter of Betsy, traveller, two years before Elizabethís brother, Job, christened Job junior there. As always Iíll be happy to hear from family specialists who can correct and amplify what Iíve found as a generalist, moving from one family to another.

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