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An Up-date from Eric Trudgill

Eric Trudgill    -    1 December 2017

Between 2007 and 2015 six Family Tree booklets Iíd written, tracing famous Romany families from about 1750 on, were published by the Romany & Traveller FHS, a non-profitmaking organization which was able to use the profits to help defray its numerous expenses.

In the last year Iíve written eight Family Tree books on famous Romany families, with a similar format to my recent booklets but with considerably more pages (no booklet was longer than 30 A4 pages, all the books will be longer than 100 A4 pages, sometimes much longer). I hope the first of these books will be published in 2018 by the Romany and Traveller FHS with all profits again going to the Society. In the next eight months Iíll put specimen pages from all eight books on the web-site, so you can gauge (as with the titles of my booklets) if Iím covering a family of special interest to you.

Three of the eight books are devoted to a single large family, to the Boswells, the Buckley/Bucklands, and the Lees; two are devoted to an even larger family, respectively the Smiths of the Midlands and the North and the Midlands and the South; and three are each devoted to ten major families in particular areas, Eastern and Southern England, the Home Counties, and Western and Northern England.

Each book, being more than three times the size of the longest booklet, in one sense will be more expensive than a booklet, but in another it will be less expensive. For example, putting so many Boswell families in a single book, or putting ten different families sharing a particular area in a single book, means I can economise on pages, I can give full details when their members inter-marry by simply citing a page reference elsewhere in the book.

The series will be called British Gypsy Family Trees from about 1750 to 1920, and will contain the following volumes, although not in the following order.

The Boswells eg Daniel, Richard, John, Edmund, Shadrach, Edward, Lawrence, Robert, Bartholomew

The Bucklands & Buckleys eg Ted, Ravishing Billy, Dimiti, Emmanuel, Edward, Doctor, Elijah, Joiner

The Lees eg Duke, Elisha, Solomon, Zachariah, David, Thomas, George, Damon, Samuel, Righteous

The Smiths Part One (the Midlands & the North) eg Cain, Absalom, Thomas, Nehemiah, William

The Smiths Part Two (the Midlands & the South) eg James, Timothy, Jasper, Jonas, Ambrose, James, Neptune

Ten Families of the Home Counties ie Hazard, Williams, Draper, Beldam, Taylor, Welch, Brinkley, Dighton, Bowers, Lamb

Ten Families of the East & South ie Fletcher, Chilcott, Thorpe, Gaskin, Scamp, Orchard, Penfold, Light, Small, Manley

Ten Families of the West & North ie Evans, Ryalls, Heaps, Holland, Florence, Scarrott, Sherriff, Charlotte, Warton, Heron

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