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Three Sisters

Anne-Marie Ford    -    2 April 2019

On 1st October 1849 the London Daily News carried the story of a tragic death:

An inquest was held at the Red Rover public house, Southamptonshire, on Thursday

evening . . . on the body of Lucy Newman, 84 years, who was burnt to death.  Mary

Carter, widow, said the deceased was her sister. She had been confined to bed for

more than a fortnight.  On Tuesday morning she was alarmed by the smell of smoke.

Rosa Proudley said she also lived in the house with the deceased . . . [and] had got

the window opened and found that they deceased had turned the burning bed clothes

from her by means of a stick by her bed.  The inquest heard that Lucy Newman was

fond of looking at the Golden Treasury, which she kept by her bed, and often used a

candle for extra light.  A case of misadventure was recorded.

These three women were the children of William Stanley and Rose, who was

probably a Pearce before her union, since several of this couple’s children use Pearce

as an alternate name to that of Stanley. William was the son of Peter and Jane/Jenny

Stanley and was baptised at Hambledon in Hampshire in 1737.

The children of this couple were thought to be Susanna, bp in Wield, Hampshire on

7th February 1762, the daughter of William Stanley, a Gypsy; Reuben, born c1764;

Lucy, born c1765; Ann, baptised in Winterbourne St Martin, Dorset, on 5th June

1768, daughter of William Stanley; Mary, born the following year; William, born

c1774; Samuel, born c1775; Rose, bp 16th August 1778, daughter of William and

Rose Stanley; George James bp on 4th February 1781 at Hambledon, Hampshire, son

of William, a traveller; Callony, baptised in Hambledon, Hampshire 9th April 1786,

but probably born two or three years before, daughter of William and Rose Stanley.

Of these children we know that Reuben married a cousin, Lydia Stanley, at Alton, in

Hampshire, in 1799.  Lydia was a daughter of John Stanley, the elder William’s

brother, and his wife Susannah. Although Reuben and Lydia had several children

few of them were to reach adulthood, although two of their daughters, Harriet and

Patience, did so and had their own children.  William married Repentance Ware in

Hampreston, Dorset in 1804 and they, too, had a family. Samuel appears to have

partnered an Elizabeth, with whom he had several children and Callony and her

partner, Francis Proudley had five children before she died early, as a result of her

last pregnancy.

Of the three sisters involved in the inquest of 1849, Mary Stanley claimed birth in

East Tisted, in Hampshire, in about 1769 and is possibly the partner of a John Carter,

with whom she may have had the Urania Carter baptised at Hurstbourne Priors,

Hampshire in November 1786.  Lucy Stanley, born c1765, appears to have wed a

Richard Carter, marrying him in the registration district of Basingstoke on 8th May

1787; presumably widowed, she then married, as Lucy Carter, a Stephen Newman in

Downton, Wiltshire, in 1792.

Rose Stanley was baptised on 16th August 1778 at Medstead, Hampshire and we

know that she married William Proudley on 19th July 1801, also in Hampshire.  (His

brother, Francis Proudley, was to be the partner of her younger sister, Callony

Stanley/Pearce) The only child whom we know of for Rose and William Proudley

was another William, who was baptised at Bishopstoke, Hampshire baptised on 22nd

September 1800.  He married a Susan Hawkins at Christchurch, Hampshire on 30th

April 1820.

The 1841 census records all three sisters living at Southampton St. Mary, in

Hampshire.  Lucy, claiming to be about 75, is with her husband, Stephen Newman,

also 75, a basket maker; Mary Carter is recorded as 70 years of age, a widow, and

Rose/Rosa Proudley, also a widow, is the youngest, at 60, although in reality all

these ages are approximate.  Close by is a John Carter, with his wife Elizabeth. This

may simply be a coincidence, or they may be related to one of the two sisters who

married Carters.

By 1849, when Lucy died, she was 84, a great age at the time (her husband, Stephen,

had previously died in 1842 in the registration district of Southampton).  Her two

sisters, Mary and Rose/Rosa were to continue to live together after the fire and can be

found in the1851 census living at 11 Eastern Place, St. Mary, Southampton, where

Mary Carter gives her birth in 1769 at East Tisted, her sister, Rose/Rosa confirms

birth in Medstead in c1779.  

The supposed child of Mary Carter. Urania, married a Stephen Boys/Boyce in Eling,

Hampshire on 27th December 1806 as Urania Ann Carter, and preferred thereafter to

use her second name, Ann.  No children have been found for either of Lucy’s

marriages, and only William Proudley for Rose/Rosa and William. William’s

marriage to Susan Hawkins resulted in a fairly large family, although he, like his

uncle Reuben, spent some time in prison, as gap in the run of children indicates.

Mary Carter lived another six years after the fire, until 1855, so she, too, was in her

eighties when she died.  Rose/Rosa lived for a further four years after Mary’s death,

dying ten years after Lucy; she, too, had a long life, and when she died in 1859, she

was 81 years of age.

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