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Daniel Evans

Eric Trudgill    -    3 March 2013

Daniel Evans, born about 1770 and the earliest confirmed member of a famous Gypsy family, was to be found mainly on either side of the Welsh-English border, in Radnorshire and Herefordshire. He was said by the gypsiologists to have been known also as Thomas and Rees Evans, to have been the son of Doctor Ingram and Sally Evans, to have married Lydia Ingram daughter of Meredith or the latter’s brother, William, and to have had by Lydia twenty-one children. All I can say is, to my knowledge, he was always Daniel in the records (and had sons called Thomas and Rees), there is nothing in them to suggest he had an Ingram father, his wife was Lydia Jones at their wedding, which took place in 1788 (when her alleged father or uncle, Meredith Ingram, was only seventeen), and in something like a thirty year procreative span the number of Daniel and Lydia’s children was closer to twelve than twenty-one

Daniel and Lydia (here Ledinah) married in Lingen, Hef in 1788, and christened two sons in Bishops Frome, Hef, Thomas Evans in 1789 (son of Daniel and Lydinah, pauper of Hereford) and Joseph Evans in 1792 (son of Daniel and Lydia, pauper of Radnorshire). Daniel and Lydia had a son called Uriah, who claimed to have been born in Bishops Frome, born perhaps before their wedding, or about 1794, or perhaps 1789-92 and christened as either Thomas or Joseph. The next children I know of are David and John Evans, christened in Disserth, Rad in 1796 and 1798; then Ann Evans, christened well off-patch in Polesworth, Wks in 1803 daughter of Daniel and Lydia, gypsy (perhaps her parents were visiting Lydia’s family). Daniel Evans junior was christened in Brampton Bryan, Hef in 1807, and Catherine Evans inKington, Hef in1808 daughter of Daniel and Ledisher. Next probably came Rees Evans, who claimed to have been born in Disserth about 1810, followed by Lydia junior, Christopher, and Alice, christened respectively in Cascob, Rad in 1812, Disserth, Rad in 1815, and Byton, Hef in 1817. Five of these children can be traced without much difficulty in the records, Uriah, Daniel junior, Catherine, Rees and Alice.

Uriah Evans, son of Daniel, as a young man spent some time well off-patch in the English East Midlands before returning to his roots (we find him and his family in Disserth in the 1841 census). As Hugh Evans he married Jemima Walker in Nottingham St Peter, Notts in 1817, and as Uriah Evans (widowed son of Daniel, cutler), he married Mary Phillips in Disserth in 1866, his bride only about 23 years old. By Mary he had a John Evans, born in Breconshire about 1868. By Jemima he had had Daniel Evans, christened in Alfreton, Dby in 1819, probably the Elizabeth Evans, born about 1821, with him in the 1841 census, and Thomas and Samuel Evans, christened in Crich, Dby in 1824 and 1828. One of these children is easy to trace. Daniel (son of Uriah tinker) married Ruth Lovell (daughter of Durant) in Llywell, Breconshire in 1857, having had by her Anna Maria(christened in St Maughans, Mon in 1842), Leanabel and Frances Tule(christened in Disserth in 1843 and 1844), Jemima and Susanna (born in Disserth about 1846-49), Mandera(christened in Caerau, Glam in 1850);and Catherine and Alfred (born in Breconshire about 1858-64). I haven’t traced Uriah’s younger sons beyond the fact that Thomas married Mary Trewjointly with Daniel and Ruth in 1857, and Samuel married an Ann.

Daniel Evans junior, son of Daniel, married a Jane, and I’ve found only three children: Cornelius Evans (Uriah’s nephew in the 1861 census), who was christened in Disserth in 1832, and by an Eliza had a Cornelius junior in Breconshire about 1858; Henry Evans (with Uriah and Cornelius in 1861), who by a Catherine had a Henry, David and James about 1855-60; and Charlotte Evans, who was christened in Disserth in 1841.

Catherine Evans (daughter of Daniel razor grinder) married Richard Boswell (bell-hanger son of Richard) in Llanbister, Rad in 1872, her husband having been christened in Worksop, Notts in 1806 son of Richard and Sarah. Dick and Kitty Boswell, as they were known, had the following children: Sarah Boswell, christened in Pembridge, Hef in 1831 (tramper), who was said to have married Tom Scamp; Charlotte and Susan, born in Wales about 1836-38; Israel (William) Boswell, born in the Newtown RegDist in 1840, who (son of Richard bell-hanger) married Elinor Williams in Disserth in 1861; Louisa, Agnes, and Richard, born in Wales about 1842-46; and Rebecca, born in the LlandilofawrRegDist in 1848, who married Evan Edwards in the Newtown RegDist in 1865. Two of these children are easy to trace. Israel (William) and Elinor Boswell had the following children, all Boswells: Richard, David, William and Ellen, baptised or born in or aroundMachynlleth, Montgomeryshire 1861-67; Catherine Ann, born in Swansea, Glam in 1872, who married Daniel Evans (son of Edwin Evans, allegedly no relation, and Zubi Lee) in Swansea Reg Off in 1899;Eleanor (her elder sister, Ellen, perhaps having died), christened in Newtown, Montgomeryshire in 1877; Edith, born in the Newtown RegDist in 1879; and Caroline Jane, christened in Llanwddyn, Montgomeryshire in 1883. Evan and Rebecca Edwards had the following children, all born in Montgomeryshire about 1868-90: Elizabeth, Anne, Sarah, Charlotte Emily, Evan junior, Richard, Jemima, Mary (Minnie), John and Agnes.

Rees Evans, son of Daniel, married Matilda Lovell daughter of Durant’s brother, Ambrose, and Sarah (christened in Huntley, Glos in 1817). They had the following children: Lydia Evans, born in Cardiff, Glam about 1838, who married Abraham Boswell son of Durant Lovell’s sister, Temperance; Rees Evans junior, christened in Merthyr Tydfil, Glam in 1840, who married first Gloriana Lovell daughter of William and Penelope, and second Joanna Heron daughter of Alfred and Rebecca; Hezekiah Evans, christened in Cregrina, Rad in 1846; Leah, christened in Merthyr Tydfil in 1851; Snowdon (Eleanor), born in Vaynor, Glam about 1852; Mary Ann Evans, born in Breconshire about1854, who was said to have married successively Oliver Lee, Timothy Lovell, Fred Price, and Charley Wood; and Elvira, born in Merthyr Tydfil about 1858.

Finally, Alice Evans, daughter of Daniel, married Edward Jones son of Evan and Charlotte (christened in Pontesbury, Sal in 1809). They had the following children, all but one christened or born in Montgomeryshire: Christopher Jones, christened in Llanidloes Wesleyan Methodist in 1835, who married Mary Ann Jones daughter of Evan; Edward Jones junior, christened in Newtown in 1837; Richard Jones, christened in Llanwnog in 1839; and William, Evan, Frederick, Susanna, Albert, Charles, and Thomas, born about 1841-1859. The last of these married Harriet Jones daughter of Edward (son of William Jones and Alabina Woods) and Hannah Warnell. Or so I believe. I’ve yet to get to grips with the Jones families of Wales.

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