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Strawberry Fields.

Anne-Marie Ford    -    29 June 2018

Strawberry picking at Locks Heath during the war years.


Anne-Marie Ford    -    1 June 2018

Thinking Aloud 5

The Family of John and Ruth Chilcott: Explanations

Eric Trudgill    -    1 June 2018

An update for new visitors to this site: After posting two articles a month for nearly seven years, Eric is devoting a year to polishing the contents and formant of eight Family Tree books heís written on the Romany Boswells, Bucklands, Lees and Smiths and, more briefly, on thirty other families arranged in three books geographically. All eight book will be published by the Romany and Traveller FHS, the first some time before Christmas, and in the meantime two pages from each book are being posted here each month in lieu of two articles. This month, the sixth, itís the turn of Ten Major Families of the East and South.


Anne-Marie Ford    -    1 June 2018

The significance and importance of a family name.